It’s an amazing thing – this trait called intention.

Taken from the book: Pit Bulls & Entrepreneurs 

It’s an amazing thing – this trait called intention.  I can’t really tell you where exactly it is born in the human mind. In the human brain, I suspect it begins as a spark through a neurological synapse deep within the amygdala, the part of the brain referred to as the heart of the brain or the beastly brain.  I am slightly biased towards the term “beastly brain,” because once a desire is unleashed from there, it turns into a raging, screaming animal wanting to rip apart anything and everything that gets in the way to its goals.

In our previous chapters, we gave weight to identity, intelligence, imagination, and integrity as traits that enable the entrepreneur to systemize, sympathize, and synergize with reality and nature towards attaining one’s goals and entrepreneurial ambitions. Intent integrates all these traits together to drive the entrepreneur into action and consequent success.

Dr. Wayne Dwyer, famous for his works on the Power of Intention and the Law of Attraction, claims that nothing happens unintentionally. Nothing can be conceptualized; nothing can be designed or built if there is no intention. Even the hair on our heads does not grow without intention, claims Dr. Dwyer in his book, the Power of Intention.

When one of my sons was seven years old, he claimed that he’d grow taller than me.  We wagered my car. I took on the bet thinking his mother was quite short, and there was no chance our offspring would be any taller than us, especially me. Less than ten years later, he was the proud new owner of a humble old heap of metal, wires, and rubber. I guess my son, too, consciously or unconsciously, knew the power of intention.

Pit Bulls & Entrepreneurs (2010)

So in all things you want to do, want to be, or want to have, first, ask this of yourself. Do you really, truly, and whole- heartedly want it? Do you want to become a business owner? Do you want to be independent, free, and rich? Do you want to do the things you want to do? Do you want to change your world and the world around you? Do you want to conceptualize, create, build, and sustain new worlds? Are you ready to expand your horizons? After having done what you have done, will you be happy and fulfilled by having what you get out of it? Is this the kind of life that you want to have?

Be absolutely certain of this because once you align and unleash the powers of your identity, intelligence, imagination and integrity in the direction of your true intention, you will get what you asked for. Like they say, “be careful what you wish for, it may come true.”

An extremely crucial and critical word of caution ―if you unleash the power of your imagination and intelligence against the grain of your identity and in an unethical, dishonest, socially irresponsible way, all your efforts will backfire and hurt not just you, but also those around you.  Also, if you are unsure and unclear of what you really and truly want, then all the imagining, reasoning, analyzing, and discipline will acquire for you the wrong things with unhappy results.

This is powerful. This is true.   [Check Pit Bulls & Entrepreneurs in India at]

It is powerful and true because quantum science has put together the facts that our physiology, our psychology, our neurology, and the ecology are all closely, intricately, and powerfully interrelated.  All our energies and the efforts are interrelated in one big universal bundle. Our thoughts, words, and actions are just but bits and bytes of that energy.

Ergo, walk with faith. Be intent on doing good, not just for yourself, but for everyone and everything around you as you walk, run, leap, soar towards all that your heart desires.


Suggestions for the Enterprise: On Intent

  • Be totally clear about what you want from the bottom-up, top-down, outside-in, and inside-out of the organization.  It must be something you, as the entrepreneur, and your team totally and truly want. Large corporations term this as their mission towards a vision.
  • Be enthused. Make sure that the thing you want excites you to the bone again and again. It must make you jump out of your bed every morning and keep you thinking and planning about it way past your bedtime every night.
  • Let the want of success and excellence rage positively inside you.  This rage, this passion will also help you acquire and master entrepreneurial skills and competencies for mastery and success.
  • Do your homework and perform the intellectual and integrity analysis to back up your intention.
  • Generate a culture of persistence and resilience among the members of your team to get up and go again, get up and go again, get up and go again.
  • Recognize that success and failure are two sides of an endeavor called “event.”  If you’ve got your intention, your intellectual work done right, your integrity intact and in alignment with your identity, then your success scores will be consistently high.
  • Ignite others from your team and stakeholders, with the same passion that burns inside of you.  There is always so much going on in everybody’s life and environment that the distractions can make you and your teams lose focus.  As an entrepreneur, you need to also play the part of a chief who self energizes and also helps others refocus their energies again and again.

The difference between a Pit Bulls and Entrepreneurs is that sometimes Pit Bulls can give up!

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