Inner Sun
the HeART of the CLOSE

Subtle Selling Strategies inspired by Neurosciences & Neuropsychology

Gone are the days when purchasers had a job to do and targets to meet. Every purchaser today is cutting-edge educated and a ball-playing entrepreneur. She keeps her personal values, corporate goals and ecological bottom lines all in the same horizon.

In the HeART of the CLOSE discover how to influence them and improve your profits! Master the tools, techniques and negotiating tactics that enable you to ethically influence your buyer’s perception of cost, value and benefits. This NLP* influenced, interactive and illustrated book is the answer to selling without really selling and co-creating value in the global marketplace.

Book also contains a chapter on sales management and a chapter with a 5-step process to coaching sales champions.

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About the Book

World economies are spinning at a blinding rate. Market conditions, always, are in a constant state of motion. What is a bench-mark today becomes historical data tomorrow. In this fast-flattening and fast-moving world most everyone in an organization needs to be sales and service oriented. Every touch point, every interaction and every transaction, whether front-end or back end, impacts the bottom-line directly.
This insightful, fast and interactive book draws upon the cutting edge nuances of neuroscience and equips you with the heart and science of selling and negotiating softly and smoothly.

In this high-octane, brilliantly insightful book you will also master the magic of neuro-psychology in all interactions and negotiations.

Lastly, the book also equips you up onto the leadership ladder where can learn to groom and nurture others into taking up new and challenging positions build successful and profitable organizations through sales coaching.

Raju knowledgeably emphasized the importance of coaching to managing sales persons. But more than that he skillfully intertwined the selling and coaching process applying the same engagement tools thus making coaching easier to understand and use by sales managers. Brilliant work! Arthur Florentin, Executive Director, Civil Service Institute. Philippines
– Arthur Florentin
As an analytics expert, I am asked quite often about how to use data to drive mores sales. Contrary to what most people expect, I generally suggest focusing more the process of the sale versus some new type of data-driven technology to increase sales. Raju Mandhyan, with his latest book, is right in line with my own experiences on how to be more successful in the art of selling. Right off the bat, we are prompted by the author to consider the reasoning brain, the romantic brain and the reptilian brain in the sales process. This concept sets the stage for a fresh way to look at the art of selling. Concentrating more on the interaction between buyer and seller, Mandhyan makes it clear that by focusing on a more holistic approach to sales, we can achieve so much more than just closing a sale. As an avid reader of business books, I found the HeART of the Close a great read and will but it on my book shelf right next some of my favorites like Carnegie, Godin and Kawasaki. The book is full of ideas for the novice and veteran salesperson, solo sellers and big teams alike. It truly is indeed all about the heart when it comes to the art of closing. Daniel Meyer President and Founder of DMAI Decision-Making, Analytics & Intelligence
– Dan Meyer
'Ultimate reading for the entire sales fraternity. The book has a profound impact on the evolving paradigm for sales. It raises the importance of ecology and other neo-environmental aspects, adding fresh color to enlightened management practice. A beautiful body of work with a heart that inspires!' Raghu Kochar, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications, Fortis Healthcare Ltd.
– Raghu Kochchar
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About the Author
Raju Mandhyan

Author, Cross-Cultural Coach and Learning Facilitator Raju Mandhyan has 17 years of experience in personal and organizational development. He has coached thousand of executives, delivered keynotes for hundreds of conferences across the Asian-Pacific region.
He is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mind Mapping, Appreciative Inquiry, American Management Association's Train the Trainer. He is also a Distinguished Toastmaster, Champion Speaker and the 2005-District Champion for Evaluations in the Philippines. In 2010, he had the rare honor of presenting at the American Society of Training and Development annual conference in Chicago.
Prior to his consulting career, Raju Mandhyan spent two years as an Engineer, two years as a Financial Consultant and 17 years as the CEO of an International Mercantile company handling projects for clients across the Mediterranean, Europe, Latin and North Americas. He has lived in India, USA and now lives with wife and three kids in the Philippines.