As You Dream, So You Do.
As You Do, So You Become.

once your vision, shared, has absolute Clarity
a Creative strategy, easily, falls in place.
Conscientious action and success come naturally.

Igniting Performance Excellence!

the real business behind every business
is the business of Nurturing and Developing People

If not for me, there I go!

there is nothing that stops leaders aCross Cultures
from Connecting with, Engaging and Influencing their worlds
except their own biases!

Inspiring Keynotes

Nothing in the world thrills and fulfills my soul more than watching crowds get excited about their own dreams turning into achievable destinies.

I work hard and carefully at this aspect of my service and see to it that serves my audience and creates powerful value.

I custom design these talks based on client and event needs.

Interactive Learning

I understand that your business is evolving, and this means high excitement or paralyzing anxiety. I research, design, and develop a range of, competency-based, learning interventions for your teams. My sought-after modules are field tested and consistently result in improvements in performance across your organization.

The focus is always on the learner’s growth and the canvass is always unbridled laughter.

Appreciative Coaching

Though I have been trained in the ICF way for evoking excellence in others, my chosen approach and my way of life is the way of Appreciative Inquiry. I seek to discover what is good and help make it great.

Coaching sessions can be done part in person and mostly through phone or other media. The period of engagement is dependent on individual needs.


Steal a few excerpts from my books and stay updated on future offers

Who My Clients Are

A decade or so ago, many of my clients were leaders from the business process outsourcing sector in India. In recent times I have served the manufacturing, property development, automobile, the banking and consumer goods industry. My large group interactions have been with middle managers and my small group interventions have been with senior managers and above.

For the last 3 years I have been fortunate to coach global, expatriate CEOs, country managers and business owners in the areas of cross-cultural communications, awareness and leadership.

Many Paths to Excellence

I believe that individuals and organizations can achieve their visions and reach their goals when they have an absolute, crystal-clear clarity of their intentions, employ creative strategies and conscientiously and consistently work their plans. My mission in life is to be a guide by their side as and when they work towards this chosen destination.

In supporting their journeys towards personal and business excellence I draw upon the modalities of Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I also partner with several associates and consulting organizations, wherever needed, to deliver these results.

  • On Site and Public Events

    In a given year, I run a handful of training events across Asia which are open to public. Most of the solutions are customized and delivered on-site to clients.

  • Online and On-phone

    A substantial amount of personalized coaching work in the areas of personal growth and cross-cultural sensitivity and awareness is done through phone and internet.

    Subjects that do not require group or physical activities are delivered through webinars.

  • Print and Publications

    Addicts of continuous learning and self development like to tap into learning sources all the time and at their own convenience and budget. For these lovers of learning the happiest way to growth is through reading, watching and listening to new ideas, research and practices available in print or online.

My publications

For lovers of learning and self-development I have captured a lot of my research, my ideas and experiments for growth and development in books, audio-books and in video-formats too. Most of my videos are free on cyber-space but the books which need paper, ink and delivery can acquired inexpensively at Amazon.

These works of mine are written in simple, succinct language with images, illustrations and lots of success stories in the fields of oral communications and innovative entrepreneurship.

What People Say

Raju is one of my favorite people in the whole world. He subscribes to my postive philosophy of life. He is a leader of Appreciative Inquiry in Asia. He is a joy to be around. He was the best participant in the large group of 300. He is high energy. He is a fantastic communicator. He has the highest of values. He has a desire to continually develop himself and others. Now I just need to help him become greater and even more influential. I want to teach him how to facilitate the transformation of a system. Why? Because I am retired from OD. I do not have much time left on this earth. Now I just want to select the best change agents in the world and teach them what I learned from Ron Lippitt. Ron wrote the first book on change. Why? Because the Whole System social technology is, imho, one of the most powerful interventions in existence. Raju has one aspect down pat. In our large meetings, we most always have a person like him come in and present… in what Dannemiller called a ” view from the bridge”. An outside expert to stimulate and motivate the room/system so they will have a common new language and aspiration to shift in harmony. Raju is among the best at doing such. And yes, Raju Mandhyan is one happening TV Star.

Roland Sullivan
Roland SullivanOriginal 100 Change

To meet Raju Mandhyan is to meet a citizen of the world who has a wide open mind to life’s possibilities and lives life as an adventure. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Raju at Toastmasters International Conventions and the delight of getting to know him as a friend. Raju is a graduate of the Buzan Mind Mapping program, an author, speaker, and trainer of high caliber, Raju’s most endearing qualities to me are his genuiness and caring for the people he serves. It is with pleasure that I heartily endorse Raju Mandhyan as a trainer, speaker, and author who has an openness to people and can connect with any culture or individual.

 Dilip Abayasekara
Dilip AbayasekaraCEO at Dr. Dilip,

Raju presents his Real World and immediately applicable content in a structured and VERY easy to understand way. He is a fantastic facilitator that brings out the hidden knowledge from his participants and is a man of character who has always walked his talk for as long as I have known him.

Arthur Carmazzi
Arthur CarmazziWorld’s Top 10 Ranked Leadership Professional, Best Selling Author, Founder of the Directive Communication

Raju provides very useful training for professionals in the public affairs field. He is an excellent coach and a valuable resource on mind-mapping and public speaking. I would recommend Raju as a trainer on these areas.

Arlita Narag
Arlita NaragPublic Affairs Head at Samsung ElectronicsLinkedIn

Unleashing Communication Excellence for Leaders and Organizations!

“… it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
– Marianne Williamson

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