26% at 3 Hours Per Month, Per Sales Rep

The three major ingredients for expanding and increasing company wide sales are:

1.) Flawless Sales Planning
2.) Employing and Deploying Slick and Self Motivated Sales Personnel
3.) Training and Coaching everyone on the Team and beyond.

Of these three ingredients for expanding and increasing company wide sales the least understood and executed well is the discipline of coaching our sales forces.

The Sales Management Association reports that only 26% of all sales manager and leaders spend an average of 3 hours per month, per sales representative managing performance. This includes setting of expectations, monitoring performance, developing and coaching their teams.

Give this report a little thought. Thus, in effect, all the hours and energy spent on product development, marketing, promoting, pricing and planning is laid to waste by unleashing an army of lukewarm, unmotivated, ineffective sales teams. No wonder our sales plans do not meet targets.

Smart managers and leaders know that even if they are, themselves, champion sales-people they cannot do it ALONE. They need to have a larger, deeper and a far-reaching effect when it comes to stealing market share from a highly competitive market place.

HeART2HeARt Sales Coaching is the key to empowering your existing sales teams. It transfers unto you, the sales leader, a set of cutting-edge principles of interaction, tools you up with the phenomenal power of coaching and empowering a multitude of sales-people thus, in time, creating a measurable impact on your bottom line.

No matter even if only 26% of Sales Managers can only spend 3 hours per month, per representative…the quality and the depth of this short interaction will pointed and purpose-driven creating quality time and quality development of your people.

Check Video on Training Effectively “Why NLP doesn’t Work”

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