I ndividuals and organisations, upon truly choosing, can become highly productive and excellent version of themselves. They can smash through self-forged manacles and live up to their fullest potentials in life and at work… everyday.

I believe that individuals and organizations can achieve their visions and reach their goals when they have an absolute, crystal-clear clarity of their intentions, employ creative strategies and conscientiously and consistently work their plans. My mission in life is to be a guide by their side as and when they work towards this chosen destination.

In supporting their journeys towards personal and business excellence I draw upon the modalities of Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I also partner with several associates and consulting organizations, wherever needed, to deliver these results.


  • Business solutions and interventions

    that directly impact profits

  • Improved employee engagement

    leading to corporate well-being

  • Inspired and self-motivated people

    high on innovation and growth

  • An organization that lunges forward

    like a well-oiled machine

  • An all-around ecological partnership

    of Planet, People and Profits


  • Inspiration

    Keynotes, Hosting and other Publications that Inspire

  • Learning

    Whole-brain, NLP-inspired, Activity Intensive Learning Events

  • Leadership

    Cross-Cultural Leadership Coaching for Executives