Intentions of the Salesperson, Sales Coach and the Organization

Well, here’s the second question? In a sales coaching interaction whose intentions must take priority the salespersons, the sales manager’s or the goals of the whole organization? Do take note that I am, specifically, talking about sales coaching and not any other form of coaching.

This was one of the five questions raised during my last HeART2HeART Sales Coaching Seminar. I already answered the first question as to how long should a coaching intervention last through my article; Coaching, Seventy Times Seven.

Now, back to the question whose intentions must be considered most important?

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Inner Sun

An Unbalanced Life.

Most everyone is focused on living a balanced life. What exactly is a balanced life? Twenty fours divided equally between work, play, family, personal needs and service to the world? Or, is it stress at work, peace at home?