Inner Sun
The HeART of Public Speaking
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Publisher: Inner Sun Publishers
Publication Year: 2008

Public Speaking is not just about standing up and speaking engagingly to a large number of people. It is about continuing the buildup of collective knowledge. It is about ripping open your psyche and finding out what makes you worth anything, and it is about tearing down beliefs and then building new ones. This book provides you with creative strategies and techniques on how to choose the substance, build the structure and employ the style that'll help you rip open your heart and delightfully add value to the lives of your audiences.

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About the Book
About the Author
Raju Mandhyan

Author, Cross-Cultural Coach and Learning Facilitator Raju Mandhyan has 17 years of experience in personal and organizational development. He has coached thousand of executives, delivered keynotes for hundreds of conferences across the Asian-Pacific region.
He is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mind Mapping, Appreciative Inquiry, American Management Association's Train the Trainer. He is also a Distinguished Toastmaster, Champion Speaker and the 2005-District Champion for Evaluations in the Philippines. In 2010, he had the rare honor of presenting at the American Society of Training and Development annual conference in Chicago.
Prior to his consulting career, Raju Mandhyan spent two years as an Engineer, two years as a Financial Consultant and 17 years as the CEO of an International Mercantile company handling projects for clients across the Mediterranean, Europe, Latin and North Americas. He has lived in India, USA and now lives with wife and three kids in the Philippines.

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