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Date(s) - 05/06/2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Marco Polo Business Hotel

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Have you ever wanted to speak in public, off the cuff, with power and precision? Do you, in your gut, feel that you have the capabilities and just need the right coaching?

If somewhere from within you heard a “yes”, then this workshop is the answer to your needs.

The ability to speak in public eloquently and effectively is the most powerful set of skills a leader and manager can acquire and master. Powerful public speaking abilities don’t just impact masses and drive change but it also unleashes personal powers lying dormant in the speaker.

Inspired by the book, the HeART of Public Speaking, and using the free-wheeling and genius generating principles of Mind Mapping, you will learn to quickly memorize your talks, speak off the cuff with precision and impact. You will also learn how to include light humor, build quick rapport and scintillate all audiences at any time.


  1. Know the science, the laws and the process of Mind Mapping
  2. Research large quantities of content in s short time with Mind Mapping
  3. Structure, sort-listed content using Mind Mapping
  4. Memorize speeches and presentations in a free-flowing, flexible way with Mind Mapiing
  5. Adapt speeches and presentation to diverse audiences
  6. Deliver, as if it were extempore, with interaction, sizzle and style.
  7. Handle open forums with precision and excellence.

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