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Publisher: Inner Sun Publishers
Publication Year: 2010
ASIN: 1499781830
ISBN: 9781499781830

Five ferocious insights that spell business success

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About the Book

The cognitive business skills for starting, running, and succeeding at a business venture can be gleaned from books and learned from business schools. But there is no entity that can equip an entrepreneurial candidate with what economist Joseph Alois Schumpeter rather romantically described, back in 1912, as “the will to conquer, the dream and the will to found a private kingdom, and the joy of creating, of getting things done.”

If you are:

  • yet to experience this joy of creating and getting things done,
  • yet to live the dream and exercise the will to build a private kingdom,
  • holding back from fear of failure, possible pain, or an unwanted price,

then this book is guaranteed to get you off that lukewarm zone of indecisiveness filled with fear and anxiety. It will stir up your will and incite you to blaze a trail of action and success.

It will, assuredly, ignite the fire in your belly such that people from far and wide will come watch you burn!

About the Author
Raju Mandhyan

Author, Cross-Cultural Coach and Learning Facilitator Raju Mandhyan has 17 years of experience in personal and organizational development. He has coached thousand of executives, delivered keynotes for hundreds of conferences across the Asian-Pacific region.
He is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mind Mapping, Appreciative Inquiry, American Management Association's Train the Trainer. He is also a Distinguished Toastmaster, Champion Speaker and the 2005-District Champion for Evaluations in the Philippines. In 2010, he had the rare honor of presenting at the American Society of Training and Development annual conference in Chicago.
Prior to his consulting career, Raju Mandhyan spent two years as an Engineer, two years as a Financial Consultant and 17 years as the CEO of an International Mercantile company handling projects for clients across the Mediterranean, Europe, Latin and North Americas. He has lived in India, USA and now lives with wife and three kids in the Philippines.

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