I coach through hard issues and challenging circumstances…gently. My methods lean heavily on appreciation, discovering strengths, using affirmative language and setting goals such that they leap across the chasms of doubt, confusion and hard challenges. I refrain from intruding, imposing or influencing your choices, your desires and your expectations.

I work at getting absolute and crystal-clear clarity on what you want, how you want to achieve what you want using all your resources and staying by your side, day by day, until you have what you want and you are satisfied with what you achieve.

My forte, so far, has been in the areas of cross-cultural communications, entrepreneurship and personal leadership.

Our coaching interaction and agreement can be as short as you want or as long as 20-30 hours spread over a few weeks. It all depends on your needs, your urgency and your resources.

I have worked with over 400 senior executives working with them to achieve business goals, personal advancement goals and goals of managing across different cultures.

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